Job Description

John Brown
Senior Field Engineer

John is responsible for all aspects of the planning, integration, and support of engineering products. He is involved in solving all associated technical problems and ensuring overall function.


To provide field layout for company crews to keep them working efficiently and overseeing accuracy to avoid costly rework or back-charges from client

Description of Work

  • Coordinates new job starts and layout requirements with Project Manager
  • Preps for upcoming jobs by reviewing and understanding all field use documents for a complete understanding of the project and layout requirements
  • Requests CAD files as required to complete scope
  • Reviews all field use documents in detail to make sure that all layout is coordinated and closed out
  • Develops RFIs for any discrepancies in layout and forwards to PM to resolve with client
  • Works with Sprectra Precision Software to input points for field layout
  • Performs field layout as required
  • Coordinates with OM and PM on field layout requirements
  • Performs as-builts as required
  • Responsible for maintenance of company vehicle
  • Responsible for maintenance of all layout equipment, including periodic calibrations