Job Description

Jon Young
Project Manager

Jon is responsible for outlining and developing Form Up’s projects. He designs the goals and success markers, determines how success will be measured and tracked on each job.


To manage all projects from start to finish ensuring that the company follows through on its obligations to its customers

Description of Work

  • Manages overall project scheduling and resources in Microsoft Project
  • Performs project start-up process on all new projects
  • Reviews all contracts prior to signing and presents comments to CFO
  • Reviews and approves all bills on his/her projects; performs subcontractor, material and equipment buyout/ rentals
  • Manages product submittal process
  • Performs AIA invoicing on monthly basis to all customers by their due dates
  • Works directly with Bookkeeper on internal invoicing and bills
  • Performs inter-company billing as required and coordinates with Bookkeeper
  • Reviews plan revisions/ changes and produces Change Order Requests
  • Processes all T&M slips into change order requests
  • Maintains change order log on all projects and resolves outstanding CORs
  • Manages online logmein share file so that all necessary project documents are easily shared by field personnel
  • Communicates plan revisions affecting layout to field engineer
  • Prints all necessary field documents for Foreman
  • Attends project meetings with client as necessary
  • Performs jobs start up, preconstruction meetings. First a preparation meeting in house with foreman and operation manager to review job requirements. Then meet with foreman, operation manager and client on site to review job details, schedule, sequencing, etc.
  • Coordinates between foreman and client on project schedule
  • Works directly with Operations Manager on resource requirements
  • Coordinates scheduling of field engineering
  • Manages resolution of field errors and fixes