Job Description

Justen Nagle
Operations Manager

Justen oversees projects, helps with strategic planning for company growth, coaches, and mentors employees.


To manage company’s field operations by efficiently allocating human and equipment resources combined with overseeing and enforcing safety standards. Also managing and developing field leaders.

Description of Work

  • Reports directly to Chief Operations Officer
  • Foreman report directly to Operations Manager
  • Work directly with PM on overall project schedules, durations and resource requirements
  • Coordinates daily manpower, equipment and material needs with Foreman on all projects
  • Prepares for job start up including reviewing plans for resource requirements and meets with Foreman and PM to review job details, schedule, sequencing, etc.
  • Manages the hiring and firing process for field personnel.
    • Reviews applications
    • Interviews
    • Hires
    • Establish necessary paperwork for employee file
    • Fires
  • Manages inventory and supplies
  • Manages all vehicles and equipment maintenance
  • Reviews unexcused absences and tardiness – gets report from secretary monthly on Monday morning for previous month
  • Works directly with secretary to keep all employees up to date on licenses, certificates and other required paperwork
  • Drives boom truck and operates crane as needed
  • Gets OSHA 30 training and oversees company safety
  • Visits sites frequently to evaluate field operations and looks for ways to create efficiencies and improve safety
  • Attends site meetings as required
  • Performs periodic reviews of field personnel.
  • Having a current list of where all equipment is – on what jobs. Update on whiteboard in shop.
  • Manages resources to fix field errors once correction is determined by others
  • Back-up Foreman as needed (i.e. foreman on vacation or gets hurt)
  • When time allows, performs small filler jobs
  • Participates in weekly Form-Up scheduling and organizational meetings
  • Review weekly and monthly scorecard data. Following up with Foremen that issues are being addressed.