Job Description

Jon Burt
Senior Estimator

Jon is committed to managing a team of accurate estimators who manage bids, perform scope reviews, intercede on pricing changes, track measurables, and communicate with clients.


To produce the number of accurate bids necessary for the company to reach its sales goals

Description of Work

  • Manage bid schedule and keep up to date
  • Verify with owners which bids to take or not take
  • Perform take-offs to be presented to owners for pricing
  • Performs detailed scope reviews
  • Communicates with GC’s and clients on bid questions
  • Attends pre-bid meetings as required
  • Coordinates bid schedule with work schedule by reviewing with owners
  • Assists PM on pricing change orders as required
  • Manages contact list of vendors and suppliers
  • Follows up on bids by phone contact
  • Develops relationships with customer estimating teams
  • Tracks measurables
  • Once estimate turns to negotiation passes on to Owner