Job Description

Assistant Project Manager

Hodgson tracks and compares contracts to concrete totals, subcontractor invoices, and rebar tonnage delivered. Hodgson also helps with job start-ups, provides weekly updates on jobs, and assists with field layout.


Description of Work

  • Winter T&M change orders (labor and materials)
  • Track concrete totals vs estimate
  • Track subcontractor invoices vs subcontractor contract
  • Track rebar tonnage delivered to job vs contract agreement
  • Job start-ups
    • Create job binder for GC (safety manual, all certs, SDSs, COI, contact info, etc.)
    • Create new job folder in drop box (move from old estimates)
    • Get job start-up info from GC using job start-up form
    • Post job plans/start-up info to LogMeIn
    • Material submittal process (rebar, concrete, miscellaneous slab materials)
    • Get most up-to-date plans and create complete set for foremen/field engineer
  • Use Procore/Submittal Exchange – make sure we are set up to receive update notifications
  • Track job progress weekly (use take-off software?)
  • Update metrics on weekly scorecard
  • Assist Operations Manager with safety compliance
    • Fleet DOT compliance
    • JHAs/Toolbox Talks
  • Assist with field layout
    • Help prepare for pour (plate prep, check grades, etc.)
    • Assist in field with As-builts