Job Description

Cheyanne Olson

Cheyanne manages the payroll, billing, account tracking, tax prep, and invoicing responsibilities that are crucial to our operation.


To perform and record all financial transactions in an efficient and current fashion so that all reporting is accurate, up-to-date and to GAAP standards

Description of Work

  • Perform payroll 
  • Organize and Pay Bills 
  • Enter Credit Cards/Reconcile Credit Cards monthly
  • Monthly Reporting of withholding tax for required states
  • Quarterly Taxes for states in which we worked as well as Federal
  • Go to Banks for Deposits once per month
  • Monthly Reconciliation for all Checking Accounts
  • Monthly Billing
  • Track all accounts receivable/ Receive and enter all payments throughout the month
  • Print open invoices statement monthly so that overdue invoices can be addressed in a timely manner
  • Update new purchases list for the year for tax purposes (fixed assets-trucks/equipment)
  • Annually prepare all the yearend taxes for payroll (W-2) as well as all the 1099s for all of the companies
  • Open, sort, send, and sort mail