“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
Matthew 7:12

Our Mission

The mission of Form Up Foundations is to carry out the highest level of quality construction services for our customers. We strive to lead the concrete construction industry through executing high profile projects on schedule and on budget. We believe in delivering the complete product from beginning to end in order to create long-term value for our clients.

Our Core Values

Form-Up Foundations believes in honesty and integrity in the construction industry.
We are committed to achieving excellence in every project by giving 100% of our talent and expertise as in-depth problem solvers.
It is our goal to uphold the Form-Up standards, maintain safety standards, and ensure customer satisfaction in every job we do.



Construction takes hard work. From conception to completion of each job, our team demonstrates the discipline it takes to be successful.


At Form-Up, we believe every client deserves our consistency in every project. The Form-Up crew is committed to being consistently accurate in our work by improving our processes, streamlining our projects, and communicating clearly.


Without passion, jobs fall flat. That’s why at Form-Up, we remain open-minded and collaborative to allow our employees’ passion for their work to shine through the projects we do.


It is our personal mission to do what we say we’re going to do. We work hard to develop a trustworthy relationship with every client and are devoted to meeting the needs of our clients through excellent construction.

We have an experienced team backing us up!

Jared Van Dyke

Mission is to oversee the company’s financial health, office & management staff, and relationships with customers and vendors.

Jamison Van Dyke

Mission is to oversee all field operations and field employees, while managing customer relationships and sales.


Jon Young
Project Manager

Manages all projects from start to finish ensuring that the company follows through on its obligations

Job Description

Jon Burt
Senior Estimator

Produces the number of accurate bids necessary for the company to reach its sales goals

Job Description

John Brown
Senior Field Engineer

Provides field layout for company crews to keep them working efficiently and oversees project accuracy

Job Description

Cheyanne Olson

To perform and record all financial transactions in an efficient and current fashion so that all reporting is accurate, up-to-date and to GAAP standards

Job Description

Alyssa Olson

To support office management by performing all clerical tasks and errands to keep the office running smoothly and management focused on their highest value duties

Job Description

Steve Hodgson
Assistant Project Manager

Tracks and compares contracts to concrete totals, subcontractor invoices, and rebar tonnage delivered

Job Description

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Form-Up Team Outings

Here at Form-Up Foundations, we take care of our employees. We believe that teamwork is a good balance between work and play. Creating a healthy work-life balance for our employees is one of our biggest priorities. As one of our outings, we recently took the team on a fishing trip. What better way to create some team bonding and get out of the office?