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Form Up Foundations is a family-owned business seeing rapid growth since our start in 2009. We consider each employee a member of our extended family, motivated by a group of highly skilled leaders in the construction industry. As the leaders of concrete construction. Our projects get off the ground quickly, while staying true to schedule and budget. If you are in our VT, NH, MA, and RI service area, submit your project documents here for a free estimate.

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Our Core Values

  • Discipline
  • Consistency
  • Passion
  • Integrity

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Siteplanning and Layout

Planning and Preparing the site for development is crucial to an effective start to your foundation project. Our experienced Sitework crew and equipment skillfully lays the groundwork for our foundation crew. Managing both teams keeps the project under control and ensures the project starts and stays on schedule.

Form Up Foundations specializes in all aspects of commercial sitework including Site Planning, Site Grading, Earthwork Cuts and Fills, Land Clearing, Topsoil, and Stump Removal.

Using GPS-controlled equipment allows us to manipulate the end grade to the hundredth of an inch while maximizing production.

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Excavating and Grading

Once the site planning is complete, the excavation crew takes over.

Our team and fleet of equipment install deep foundation support systems and retention structures, reinforce and pour concrete structures that bear on those foundations, and develop and grade the site per plans and specifications.
Following the pouring of the footers and stem, the excavation crew backfills throughout the new foundation.

Excavators are used for most jobs that involve trench digging, hillside excavation, foundations, stump removal, and any other large holes in the ground.

Utility Systems

Poor drainage has caused standing water, foul odor, insects, diseased or dying plants, mud, and ruined turf.

Hiring a foundation contractor like Form Up who knows how to plan and install adequate drainage will avoid these problems and prevent a site from turning into a maintenance nightmare during storms and rainy seasons. Proper drainage planning and installation will keep a foundation dry forever.

Form Up Foundations is a company with the expertise and company-owned equipment to install full water & drainage systems for any construction project.

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Depending on our customer’s needs, we provide a full spectrum of quotes, from labor-only to turnkey. Let us give you an accurate, free Project Estimate.