Field Engineering

Part of every job at Form-Up is the design layout. Without accurate layouts, the direction of any construction project can turn into a costly nightmare. It is important that contract tolerances are adhered to for all phases of construction. Form-Up’s field engineering team reviews all design and coordination plans, develops RFIs for any conflicting information, and finalizes the point files for line and grade layout. This information is then transferred into our Robotic Total Station for all field engineering. To ensure every job gets carried out quickly and efficiently, our field engineers work closely with our project managers and field personnel to provide the necessary layout, resolve any issues that arise, and ultimately help the company meet deadlines with accuracy.

Critical Thinking

Our field engineers work with our project managers to overcome new challenged by using best practices and thinking outside the box to find better solutions.


The Form-Up team has great communication from the project managers to the engineers so we are able to overcome challenges fast enough to stay on time. 

Always Learning

Our Engineers are always learning new tools and advancements in the industry so we stay ahead.

Technical Knowledge

It is crucial our Engineers have the knowledge of every aspect of the job site.

Free Project Estimates

Depending on our customer’s needs, we provide a full spectrum of quotes, from labor-only to turnkey. Let us give you an accurate, free Project Estimate.