Why you need a Turnkey Contractor for your Foundation Project

General Contractors planning high profile construction projects often find themselves too busy to dive into the details of such a large and important undertaking.

General Contractors planning high profile construction projects often find themselves too busy to dive into the details of such a large and important undertaking. The client has the budget and scope of work for what they want, but finding the managing architectural plans, working with consultants, purchasing materials, and monitoring everyone’s progress all takes a huge amount of time that many Contractors simply don’t have. One great way to avoid having to be overly involved in the process is to choose the right company – one that operates under a turnkey policy.

What is a turnkey contractor?

Turnkey companies like Form Up arrive prepared with everything they need to get the job done. In other words, they take care of everything from start to finish. Just like buying a house “turnkey,” construction projects that deliver a turnkey product allow you to utilize the new space immediately once the project is complete.

Turnkey also means that the construction company handles everything so that busy general contractors can focus their time and energy on what they are good at – managing the project from the top down. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with designs, progress updates, managing materials, and more, executives will be able to hand off a component of the project to a company that has the ability to be turnkey and trust that everything will be taken care of. In our case, we handle everything from start to finish so when the foundation is complete, the next contractor can take our place on the site and keep the project on schedule.

Turnkey project companies purchase all their own materials.

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a construction company that does turnkey work is that they purchase all their own materials, which is built into your budget. Clients are free from dealing with material supplies, managing supply invoices, or unexpected complications with materials. As the customer, they are afforded the knowledge that their project will be completed from start to finish without the hassle of having to deal with materials.

Turnkey means knowledge, safety, and expertise

Companies that do turnkey projects know what they’re doing. From having specific safety plans before ever stepping foot on the project site to cleaning up construction after the project has been completed, companies that do turnkey work are well-organized, manage safe jobs, and are trustworthy with large projects. It takes years of experience to begin managing entire projects and organizing timelines so that every project stays safe, on budget, and on time. A company that can maintain all of these elements can be trusted to take on the details of a project and bring a client’s vision to life.

Planning ahead for turnkey projects is essential

As expected, it can take a lot of trust to simply hand over the ideas and plans of a new construction project and assume it will be done the right way. Turnkey projects do take a lot of planning before the project even begins. Thorough communication between the client and the construction company’s managers is vital. Together, they navigate the desires and requirements of the project, making important decisions about the job ahead of time. From there, the company’s architects and engineers draw up plans, managers make a specific safety plan for the job, and project managers order materials to begin the job.

Choosing a company that will deliver a product turnkey is a smart way to accomplish big things without abandoning responsibilities in the customer’s business. Form-Up Foundations delivers turnkey products, ensuring jobs are completed from start to finish and that the job stays on budget and on time. If you’d like to get started with a quote, please contact us here.